Determine the value of your NFT

Critique helps you determine the real value of your NFT using a unique algorithm that calculates desirability, popularity, rarity, and more.

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Meet Critique

A powerful tool that helps you determine the real value of your NFT based on polls and feedback from the world.

How much is an NFT really worth?

Either than how much an NFT is auctioning off for, we help determine the desirability of NFTs based on our ranking algorithm.

How does Critique work?

People sort and vote on their favorite NFTs. The most appealing and aesthetically pleasing NFTs will be ranked accordingly.

The most accurate BS detector

Let's face it. We've all seen an NFT of a pineapple being sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Our tool helps sort and rank appealing NFTs so you can focus on the ones that matter and invest in the most popular pieces.

Sorth through and vote

Our tool helps you discover and vote on millions of NFTs from all around the world.



I never knew if the NFTs I bought before were valuable. I now have a peace of mind knowing that my investments are smart and safe.


I was tired of seeing NFTs that looked like garbage being offered to me in the marketplace. Critique helps me by providing art that is actually valuable and visually appealing.


Critique is a game changer. I can smell BS from a mile away now when I see 'popular' NFTs going for a ton of money. This tool helps me make the best long-term investments in art that is actually valuable.